Our Services

  • Adult Internal Medicine Primary Care                                          

  • The Comprehensive Wellness exam                                          

  • Infectious Disease Consultation                                                             

  • Travelers Medical Service- comprehensive care of the global traveler

  • Immunizations-Preventive or Travel related

  • In office diagnostic testing  

    • Lab- COLA Certified, State of the art Vitros Technology

    • Cardiac- EKG, Echocardiogram, Holter monitoring

    • Pulmonary function testing, Sleep apnea screening

    • Ultrasound- Carotid, abdominal, aortic, vascular.

    • Digital X-Ray 


              The Comprehensive Wellness Exam 

Wellness is a state of physical, psychological, and social balance and harmony. The practice of wellness centered medical care emphasizes preventing illness and promoting well being.

We require an annual Wellness evaluation designed to optimize your current and long term health and quality of life. The exam begins with a detailed review of your current health issues, your medications and your allergies. A complete physical examination, comprehensive laboratory panel, associated ancillary studies and preventive immunizations are aimed at prevention of disease and long term health maintenance. We strive to optimize your health behaviors including nutrition, exercise, sleep, alcohol or tobacco use, weight management, stress management and social  connectedness. We encourage the foundation of good health, a Whole Food Plant Based Diet which, for many reasons, is the optimal nutrition for humans. Our goal is to keep you out of the hospital and participating vigorously in the game of Life.


About Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine is the medical specialty dealing with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of adult diseases. Internists have completed 7 years of medical and post graduate training, have passed a rigorous practical and written board certification examination and are skilled in the comprehensive management of the whole patient. 

Historically, internal medicine physicians originated in ancient India and China and evolved through Greek (Hippocrates) and

Roman civilizations.  The term Internal Medicine originated in Germany in the late 19th century. to describe physicians who combined laboratory science with the bedside clinical care of the patient. General Internists practice in the office or hospital or both and are specially trained to solve diagnostic problems and manage acute and chronic illnesses over the course of their patients lives. Some internists pursue additional fellowship training to sub-specialize in one of the 19 Internal Medicine subspecialties. 


About Infectious Disease

Infectious Disease is the subspecialty of Internal Medicine that focuses on diagnosing, controlling and treating infections. An ID specialist must complete a 2-3 year fellowship after Internal Medicine training before becoming eligible to sit for the Infectious Diesease Board examination. 

Infectious Disease medicine requires an extensive understanding of signs and symtoms of bacterial, viral, mycobacterial, fungal and parasitic infections in humans as well as knowlege about antimicrobial agents, antibiotic resistance, vaccines and other immunobiologic agents. ID physicians are often the most frequently consulted service in a hospital and serve as a hospital resource regarding infection control and epidemiology. 

An ID specialist is typically a consultant to other physicians called upon to help diagnose and mangage unusual, difficult or complicated infections, (eg .Ebola, AIDS, SARS). In addition, because many diseases acquired in the tropics are infections, ID specialists are expert in Tropical and Travel Medicine. 

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