• Our office operates on a “fee-for-service” basis.

  • As we do not contract with insurance companies, you will be billed for the services you receive.

  • Some services may be covered by your insurance depending on the company and the policy.

  • Some insurance policies do not pay for health maintenance or preventive care.

  • We will be glad to assist you in submitting your claim for the services of our practice to your insurance company but ultimately you are responsible for payment of services. 

  • We accept credit cards and are able to setup a convenient payment schedule.

  • Our office staff will be glad to assist you with this. Feel free to discuss any questions about the cost of services, payment schedule or filing of insurance claims with our front office staff.

  • The cost of medical care is determined by a variety of factors, including but not limited to the time required to deal with your problem, the number of problems, the complexity and chronicity of your problem(s), the time required to review current and previous outside medical records, the cost of materials and equipment, diagnostic tests ordered, and the maintenance of 24 hour on call physician availability.